Rhossili, a village of Legends and history


Your Legendary Family Adventure Starts Here….

Rhossili & Gower  are the perfect location for a legendary family adventure! Discover creepy castles, shipwrecks and tales of smugglers. Not forgetting the caves that have given us a wealth of ancient artefacts like animal bones, pottery and tools used by our ancestors – many of which can be found on display at Swansea Museum (the oldest in Wales), along with an Egyptian mummy! Great fun for all the family this Half Term.
Learn how to build a shelter and forage for food (you get to cook and eat it too!). Become an explorer. Or simply enjoy one of our fantastic family friendly events or activities (including spooktacula Halloween fun). Find YOUR perfect legendary adventure…

Dragon Worms Head
Gower was one of the few places in Wales where the Vikings invaded. The legacy of these Nordic invaders is reflected in some of the local place names – Worm’s Head being one.
The name comes from the Norse word ‘Wurme’, meaning dragon or serpent. The headland of Worm’s Head marks the most westerly point on Gower and comprises a rock causeway, which links the small island to the mainland. Legend has it that the Vikings believed the island to be a sleeping dragon, because of its shape. In stormy weather, a blow-hole on the outer tip of the island is known to make loud booming and hissing noises, which can only have further convinced the Vikings of their terrifying discovery!
A Gower saying notes: “The old Worm’s blowing, time for a boat to be going”. (Taken from GLP website )

World War 2
The Radar Station at Rhossili was part of  “Chain Home Low CHL”  a group of radar station covering the bristol channel used to detect aircraft at 500 feet (150 m) and was in use between 1942 & 1945 by the Army and RAF. 

Ship Wrecks Gower Coast
There are many Wreck around the Gower coast due to the weather or other resaons 

Gower Wrecks website 

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