The Insiders Alphabet

A King Arthur’s Stone ancient burial site on Cefn-Bryn.
B Brangwyn Hall displays the Empire Panels originally commissioned for the House of Lords in 1924 to commerate the First World War.
C Clyne Gardens for Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Culver hole a mysterious walled up sea cave.
D Dillwyn Llewelyn was the Pioneer of black & white Photography 1816 - 1906.
E Edgar Evans companion of Scott on his ill-fated journey to the South Pole was born in Rhossili.
F Fortifications and castles dating from Bronze Age to WW2
G Gower became the first  "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" in the U.K in 1956.
H Heritage coast. Gower has over 1/3rd of Britain's "Heritage Coast"
I Ilston Chapel: one of the earliest non-conformist chapels in Wales.
J Swansea Jack the dog that saved his master from the sea.
K popular venue for Kite flying, buggying, and Kite surfing.
L Lavabread is a seaweed delicacy and Penclawdd cockles very much traditional local fare.
M The "Mumbles Train" the worlds first passenger railway.
N The natural landscape contains almost every topographical feature.
O Oystermouth church houses the bells from the earthquake-devastated city of Santiago, Chile.
P Mumbles pier one of a handful of Victorian piers still in use.
Q Limestone quarrying was once extensive on the cliffs and look out for the many derelict lime- kilns dotted around.
R Rare birds and plants the colourful Old Red Sandstone maybe even a Red Kite.
S Superb surf and spectacular sunsets at Rhossili.
T Swansea the birthplace of Dylan Thomas and subject of some of his works.
U Under- hand Over-hand: Gary Sobers hit six sixes in one innings in a match at St Helens ground at Swansea.
V Rhossili Vile: remnants of the ancient system of strip farming, and still in use.
W Whitford lighthouse: unique cast iron structure in the Burry estuary.
X A criss-cross of footpaths cover an almost complete cross section of the carboniferous limestone.
Y Yellow Whitlow Grass; a rare alpine plant that grows in profusion on the limestone cliffs.
Z Zinc and copper smelting made Swansea and Neath the non-ferrous metal capital of the world over 100 yrs ago.