Hang Gliding

Rhossili Downs are reputed to be one of the finest sites in the U.K. for these activities both for participants and spectators.  The area being a particularly good soaring sites with the prevailing winds rising over the steep seaward side of the hill creating a powerful updraught relatively free of turbulence. 

Where else can you sit and enjoy a meal or a drink and watch these intrepid flyers soaring along the cliff tops catching every thermal and breath of wind  as if  floating past the window.

Rhossili Hill is owned by the National Trust.
All visiting pilots are required by the Trust to pay a small daily fee at the National Trust shop which is situated at the bottom of the car park.

For more information contact the South West Wales Soaring Club click here.

To check the wind click here

Kite Bugging

This sport is becoming more popular on Pembrey beach, albeit in a restricted area away from the main access points and subject to National Trust bylaws and regulations.

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    Open All Year
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